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Software Outsourcing

Software Development Outsourcing describes an arrangement, in which an organization chooses to hire an external software development agency to effectively carry out all the tasks of a software development project, that could be done in-house instead. Software outsourcing is about the practice of a company handing over the control of a certain business process or project to a third-party vendor that is qualified and capable of handling the required business tasks..

Onshore Software Outsourcing

Onshore outsourcing refers to the act of customer companies working with development teams of software companies that are located in the same country. The advantage of onshore outsourcing is that there are virtually no language barriers which makes communication much easier and eventually, making outsourcing more effective. However, in return, customers may have to pay more for development costs.

Offshore Software Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing means working with development teams in other countries. This is the most cost-effective option due to low labor costs, and also online communications channels (e.g. Emails, VoIP Phones, Zoom video conferences, etc.) making it possible to effectively manage software projects remotely. Nearshore outsourcing companies work with customers in the neighboring countries.